RisingStar's Nobody Cares Like A Bear
"Care Bear"
Red Tri · DOB: July 5, 2019 · Height: 20 inches · Weight: still maturing · Scissors Bite/Missing 1 Premolar ·
HSF4 Normal/Normal · MDR1 Mutant/Normal · CEA Normal/Normal · DM Normal/Normal · CMR1 Normal/Normal
CD Normal/Normal · HCM (Aussie Type) Normal/Normal · HCM (BC Type) Normal/Normal · PRA Normal/Normal
HUU Normal/Normal · NCL6 Normal/Normal · NCL8 (Aussie Type) Normal/Normal · CMO Normal/Normal
CDDY with IVDD Normal/Normal · Dilute Gene (D Locus) Clear ·Yellow Gene (E Locus) Clear
Merle Gene (M Locus) m/M229 (cryptic) · White Spottting Gene (S Locus) Clear · Full Tail (genetic tested)/Docked
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